Corporate leaders in Africa meet to build relationships, partner with ALU, and share ideas about how they can collaborate to reimagine their talent development

ReImagine Talent Symposium 2018


Reimagine Leadership – Reimagine Collaboration – Reimagine Success

From Cairo to Cape Town, Ethiopia to Senegal, organisations struggle to attract, retain and develop talent at all levels: a new strategy for growing leaders from within is needed. Catalysing high-functioning teams is just one concern, along with building an effective leadership culture that starts from the top. The ReImagine Talent Symposium is an attempt to rethink how organisations and individuals approach talent development to be effective in 21st century Africa. It is a platform where experts, organisations and individuals can share insights, and shape the conversation and direction of leadership, talent, and organisational efficiencies on the continent

Past Attendees

The following are some of the organisations that attended RIT2016. Contact us to learn more the ReImagine Talent movement.